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Welcome, This is the official web site of the Taekwon-Do club Bagatur- town of Stara Zagora. Here you will find detailed information about the sports life of the club, leisure time, background and future plans.

Our friend and colleague Todor Todorov passed away on October 2, 2009. He was the president of the Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwon-Do and Chairman of Taekwon-Do Club "Varna".

May he rest in peace. Taekwon.

VII Open Tournament - Triaditza Cup

Sofia 14-15.02.2009

TKD Tournament "Young Friends of Police"

Sofia 22-23.11.2008

Bagatur Girls

Open International TKD Tournamet "Varna Cup"

Varna City 07.06.2008

II-nd Seminar with GM Choi Jung Hwa in Bulgaria

and International TKD Tournament "Varna Cup"

Varna 19-20.06.2009

IV Open International Tournament of FITE

Malaga, Spain 17-18. May 2008


Bagatur Boys


TKD Umpire Seminar of BFTT

Stara Zagora 12-13.04. 2008

International Tournament "Black Tulip"

Odrin, Turkey 26-27.05.2007









IX-th Open National Tournament Stara Zagora Cup

Stara Zagora 11-12.04.2009



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