Every man, born and grown up on the earth, uses his arms and legs for self-defense (protection). These physical actions have probably put the roots of the Martial arts, a process, still in mystery.

            Taekwon-Do represents a contemporary version of the ancient Korean art of self-defense Te Kyon. According to the fens of the traditional martial arts in Korea, Taekwon-Do has been shaped under the strong influence of the Japanese Karate, selecting the best of the Korean, Chinese and Japanese traditional systems for self-defense. In addition, General Choi Hong Hi, considering all nowadays achievements of the physical mechanics of movements, psychology and mans anatomy, elaborates it. In the bottom of his philosophy stand the principles of politeness, honesty, persistence, self-control and indomitable spirit. His aim is the complete realization of the innate worth. The road to this goal is the constancy and hard work.

            The translation of Taekwon-Do is Road of hits by legs and hands. This is the road to be followed for reaching unlimited possibilities in perfecting the spirit and body.

            Choi himself in his childhood has been weak and sick but with constancy and will, he in fact becomes founder of this martial art, backed by the army, where he was an officer. Officially the name and the establishment of Taekwon-Do dates from 11 April 1955. On 22 Mart 1966 is established the International Taekwon-Do Federation /ITF/. Nowadays there are over 40 million people from 101 countries in it.

            Bulgaria discovers Taekwon-Do through Hvan Djan Nam, who arrived here at the end of 50s . His first students spread the strange for Bulgarians until then martial arts, in spite of the negative and often restrictive relations of the country towards them. In 1986 in Bulgaria officially arrives the first Korean instructor- Kim Ung Chol, who becomes and senior instructor of the Bulgarian Taekwon-Do Federation /BTF/. Today thanks to his selfless efforts, as well to the man who has replaced him later - Sok Min Chol, in the federation exist 32 clubs from all over the country and rightfully is considered one of the most organized structures in the system of the martial sports, practiced in Bulgaria.

            In 1988 under the guidance of Gencho Ivanov an enthusiastic group of people enchanted of the magic of Taekwon-Do was formed in the town of Stara Zagora. The same year it received the name martial arts club "Te Kyon" and became founder with other clubs of the Bulgarian Taekwon-Do Federation /ITF/. For very short period of time it became a leading club determining the fashion in this sport. Very often "Te Kyon" competitors were the people to decide the distribution of the medals. In 1990 MAC "Te Kyon" founded United martial arts club "Kung Fu" under the aegis of Disc Retainable Devices Works /DRDW/ - Stara Zagora. This name comes from the main initiator of this union. This new organization enters the system of OAD/ Organization for Assistance of the Defense/. Soon it turns out that there are pros only for the main initiator due to his abilities Mr. Ivanov became Vice-President of Bulgarian Taekwon-Do Federation and one of the most successful instructors in the federation. It is barely known fact that he is the only one to who dared to argue and rebut the father of Taekwon Do Gen. Choi Hong Hi. After years of rise and internal fights in BTF, Gencho Ivanov gave a new meaning to his ideas in the area of martial arts and in 1995 he left BTF. Down the ages MAC "Te Kyon" went through radical changes, changing its name to Tangra- Te Kyon", and later to "Shadows of Tangra" and   "Oecumenic Tangra Society". Their leading priority became             


Taekwon-Do club Bagatur has been established on 27 February 1995 by Mr. Nicolay Bacardzhiev - IV-th degree black belt, an instructor of BTF-ITF. From 1996 dates the first participation of the club in a competition - Republican championship in the town of Blagoebgrad. There the club obtained its first medal - third place for Jullian Iliev. Next year, in the Republican championship held in the town of Stara Zagora, Bagaturs team won third place. In the same year in the Balkan championship in the town of Blagoevgrad , the team had 100% success. Its five competitors won five medals. By now this achievement is unbroken. 

          For the period, 1998-1999 sports club "Bagatur" was an absolute complex Vice-Champion on all - 5 Republican Championships and tournaments, as well as on the 2 Balkan Taekwon Do championships in Blagoevgrad.

            This team is an absolute champion in branches: fight male up to 80 and 80+ kg, also in tull Male and Female.

            In the Bulgarian national team, two of the best competitors are graduates of Taekwon-Do club Bagatur- Miroslav Georgiev II-nd degree black belt and Yavor Gunchev I-st degree black belt. In 1999 they participated in the European championship in Richone /Italy/ and in the World Taekwon-Do championship /ITF/- Argentina 99. In the last Balkan Taekwon-Do championship /ITF/ in Greece /20-21 November 1999/ Miroslav Georgiev is a champion in the branch tul /a form/ men, and vice-champion in the special technique.


            For 2000-2001 SC "Bagatur" is an absolute Republican Champion for Children and Juniors, as well as Vice-Champion for Male and Female. In 2001 we managed to participate for a first time in a competition held abroad. We were personally invited by the President of the Yugoslavian Taekwon- Do Federation Nenad Vrekich to take part in the competition for Yugoslavia Cup. This was another successful event for us. Although we had a small team (only 5 competitors) "Bagatur" had a final position third place.

Among the most outstanding competitors of Taekwon-Do club Bagatur are as well: Plamen Petkov - an  instructor in the club, possessor of many medals, and the most experienced competitor of the team; Maya Draganova, Evgenia Jordanova, Kremena Slavova - a Republican and Balkan champion; Gergana Zaprianova and Ralitsa Zaprianova - medallists of republican and Balkan championships and tournaments, Stanimir Beev - , Elena Yancheva - , - .

At present in the halls of the Taekwon-Do club Bagatur practice over 150 people from 7 to 40 years old, divided into four age and master groups.

            In 1999, the town of Stara Zagora, in the face of Taekwon-Do club Bagatur, was announced by Bulgarian Taekwon-Do Federation for a center of zone "A", including Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Karlovo, Panagiuriste, Asenovgrad, Kozloduy, Varna, Vraca, Elchovo, Pleven and Ruse.

            In 2000 SC "Bagatur" resumed an old practice, namely to form Taekwon- Do groups in nursery schools. The Instructor leading these lessons has a pedagogical education / he has graduated from the University in Plovdiv City, PUP and NUP specialty/ and is trained to train children between 5 and 7 to these specific skills.



            For the quality of the training process take care:

Nikolay Bakardzhiev IV-th degree black belt - a president and senior instructor of Taekwon-Do club Bagatur;

Plamen Petkov IV-th degree black belt - instructor;

Svetla Bakardzhieva 2 gup - instructor;




The preparation of the training staff is held in three halls, as well as in the traditional, annual training camps up in the mountains and at seaside. For a year now the club has its own fitness where all our members could develop their skills for free. Since the fall of 2002 SC "Bagatur" equipped a brand new boxing hall for its members.  

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