• Coming competitions of  TKD Club "Bagatur"

  • ITF European Championships - Wetzlar, Germany - 30. June-2. July 2006;

  • Tournament for "Varna Cup" - Varna, Bulgaria - 3-4. June 2006;

  • Masters Class - Seminar with GM Choi Jung Hwa - Bohum, Germany - 13-14. May 2006;

  • Open Tournament for "Bagatur - Stara Zagora" Cup - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria - 15-16. April 2006;

  • International Instructors Course with GM Choi Jung Hwa - Cork, Ireland - 4-6. March 2006;

  • Test for color and black belts in Stara Zagora City - 3.-4. December 2005;

  • Open Tournament "Youth friends of  The Police" - 26.-27. November 2005 - Sofia City, Bulgaria;

  • National Seminar on Taekwon-Do ITF - 19.-20. November. 2005 - Stara Zagora City, Bulgaria;

  • Demonstration of TKD Club "Bagatur" - 20. Octomber 2005;

  • Training Camp - 7.-16. August 2005 - Kavacite, Bulgaria;

  • Test for color and black belts in TKD Club "Bagatur" - 2.-3. July 2005;

  • ITF - NAG German Open 2005 - 11.-12 June 2005;

  • "Varna" Cup - Tournament for Children and Juniors - 4. June 2005;

  • Visitors from India;

  • 6-th International Open Tournament by Taekwon-Do ITF for "Bagatur-Stara Zagora" Cup - 23.-24. April 2005;

  • International Instructors Course with GM Choi Jung Hwa - 8.-11. April 2005 - Atlantic City, USA;

  • 9th CUP of Serbia and Montenegro ITF Tae Kwon–Do Championship for Youth, Juniors and Senior - 12. March 2005 - Backa Topola;

  • Test for color belts in TKD Club "Bagatur" - 5. March 2005;

  • Seminar with Sabumnim N.Bakardzhiev in Burgas City;

  • European Cup in France - Grenoble - 4.-5.12.2004

  • International Tournament of Serbia and Montenegro for Children and Junior - Bachka Topola 2004

  • A seminar with Master Choi Jung Hwa - 8 degree

  • GM Hwang Kwang Sung - 9 degree has resigned!

  • 16 .11. 2003 - ITF Alps Cup Grenoble, France

  • Demonstration of Sports club "Bagatur" on the occasion of 5th October- the day of Stara Zagora

  • The father of Taekwon-Do and founder of The International Taekwon-Do Federation died - Gen. Choi Hong Hi




                The German city Wetzlar hosted the 18th for men and women, 9th for girls and boys and 1st for veterans European championship in Taekwondo ITF. More than 500 competitors from 17 countries took part in it.

                The absolute debutant in the championship- Bulgaria- won 3 bronze medals! The big surprise of the European championship was again the Bulgarian team because of the only four-member team. Despite the tough lot for us in the battles, our contestants did very well and made a great impression on everybody.

    ·        Evgenia Jordanova won 3rd place in special technique women

    ·        Ivailo Bakardjiev- 3rd place special technique boys

    ·        Krasimir Vlaichev- 3rd place fight 70+ boys

    Only Faith stopped us from congratulating ourselves with greater success. Except the medals we reached the following listing:

    ·        Evgenia Jordanova- 4th-8th place fight up to 52 women

    ·        Ivailo Bakardjiev- 4th-8th place tul boys up to I dan; 4th-8th place fight up to 63 boys

    ·        Krasimir Vlaichev- 4th-8th place boys up to I dan

    ·        Dragomir Dimitrov- 4th-8th place tul boys up to I dan; 4th-8th place fight boys up to 63;




                On June 3 in sports hall “Champion” Varna was held the fifth Open Tournament in Taekwon-Do ITF for cup “Varna”. Host is TC “Varna” together with the municipality Varna, Sport association of Home office, Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwondo and the media support from advertise agency “Impress”. More than 70 competitors from 5 clubs took part in it. The public witnessed incredibly challenging fights. The tournament passed under the incredible media and viewers’ attention. Greeting speeches were given by the secretary of the Olympic committee - Varna - Mr. Valentin Panteleev, Todor Todorov - President of BFTT and chief of  TC “Varna” and Rosen Nikolov - General Secretary of BFTT.

                TC “Bagatur” had 10 competitors. Meeting a serious resistance from the other competitors, our boys and girls won 12 gold, 8 silver and 10 bronze medals.

            Complex listing - children

    1. "Hector" - Burgas City - 21ò.

    2. "Bagatur" - Stara Zagora City - 12ò.

    3. "Hary" - Sofia City - 10ò.

    4. "Euroatlas" - Sofia City - 2ò.

    5. "Varna" - Varna City - 0ò.


            Complex listing - juniors

    1. "Bagatur" - Stara Zagora City - 32ò.

    2. "Varna" - Varna City - 30ò.

    3. "Hector" - Burgas City - 13ò.

    4. "Euroatlas" - Sofia City - 7ò.

    5. "Hary" - Sofia City - 2ò.


            Complex listing - male and female

    1. "Bagatur" - Stara Zagora City - 18ò.

    2. "Varna" - Varna City - 15ò.

    3. "Hary" - Sofia City - 5ò.

    4. "Euroatlas" - Sofia City - 4ò.

    5. "Hector" - Burgas City - 0ò.





                German town Bohum was host of a “Master class” seminar leaded personally by GM Choi Djung Hwa- IX dan, President of ITF and only son of the founder of  Taekwondo Gen. Choi Hong Hi. During the two-day seminar (13-14.05.2006) more than 200 trainees from all over Europe participated. The program included working on the base technique included in tuls from Chon Dji to Djuche as well as careful work on all 24 tuls in Taekwon-Do. Bulgaria had its presentation with Sabum Nikolay Bakardzhiev - Technical director of BFTT- and his students Elena Yancheva and Mariyana Petkova. The opinion of Masters and participants was that the technique of the Bulgarians is on an incredible level which speaks of a serious work of all levels in Bulgaria.



                On 15-16.04.2006 in sports hall “DZU” Stara Zagora was held VII Open Taekwondo Tournament.  In it took part 149 competitors from 7 clubs. For a first time in the traditional tournament participated the enlarged national team of Moldova. The competition was patronized by the mayor of Stara Zagora- Mr. Evgenii Jelev and officially opened by arch. Ivan Georgiev- vice mayor of Stara Zagora. Official guests were Mr. Stefan Jelev- senior expert and presenter of DAMS for Stara Zagora- and Mr. Ivan Mladenov- member of the council of Sport association of Home office.

                The young contestants from Moldova, who made a deep impression on everybody, presented a spectacular demonstration of their skills immediately after the official opening. In the program also took part their trainers Daniel Diug- 5 dan, Yon Postu- 4 dan, Serdju Bilan- 4 dan, as well as the hosts from Bulgaria Rosen Nikolov- 5 dan, Nikolai Bakardjiev- 4 dan and Todor Todorov- 4 dan.

                The tournament was held with the kind cooperation of:

                Municipality of Stara Zagora, Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwondo, Sport association of Home office- Central Police Taekwondo Club, “Wito 95” Inc, “Internet Group” Inc, “Chavdar” Inc, “Wiking”, “Radulov”, “Duga +” and pastry shop “Ivan Kumanov”.

                In the children’s complex listing first is the team of Moldova, followed by CPTC, Bagatur and Hector. In the boys and girls’ listing first is Moldova, followed by Bagatur and Hector. And first in the men and women’s listing is Bagatur followed by Moldova and Varna.

                In the general listing, based on gold medals from all age groups and categories, cup “Bagatur- Stara Zagora” went to the team of Moldova with 27 gold medals, closely followed by Bagatur with 24 gold medals and third is CPTC with 6 gold medals.





            On December 3rd and 4th 2005 in Stara Zagora was held the first exam for black belts of Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwondo-do. In it took part people from Varna, Sofia and Stara Zagora. For the two-day examination was formed a commission including:

    1. Sabum Nikolay Bakardzhiev - 4 dan - Technical Director of  BFTT
    2. Sabum Rosen Nikolov - 5 dan - A Secretary-General of  BFTT
    3. Mr. A. Tepavicharov - President of  BFTT
    4. Bu Sabum Todor Todorov - 3 dan - Vice President of  BFTT

            The program included the technique, theory and terminology from 1st to 2nd dan as well as many breaking in Power and Special Technique. Here are the names of those who passed the exam.

            On Saturday was also held an exam for colour belts for the people training in TKD Club “Bagatur”. After their successful performance the participants celebrated.






            On November 26th and 27th in hall “Universiada” was held the biggest Taekwon-Do tournament for children, teenagers and girls for this year. More than 250 participants competed in both styles - WTF and ITF.

            On the opening ceremony they were welcomed by Mr. Roumen Stoilov - Director of Sport Association - MID. The tournament was officially opened by Mr. Conko Kirov - Vice minister of Inner Deeds. The organizers - Sport Association - MID and Central Police Taekwon-Do club - have prepared presents for every competitor. The winners were given many and interesting awards.

            The competition was held with the co-operation of Bulgarian Federation of  Traditional Taekwondo and Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation WTF and promoted by the following firms:

            “Fadata”, “Sonashi”, “Bokar”, “Kate”, “Max com”, “Andy-L”, “Coca-cola”, “Chipita”, “SBS”, etc.

            TKD Club “Bagatur”- Stara Zagora took part with a team of  7 competitors. After challenging battles and strong concurrence our competitors won 12 golden, 4 silver and 4 bronze prizes and were positioned on 2 place in the general positioning right after the hosts of Central Police Taekwon-Do Club. Third in the general positioning was the team of  “Evroatlas” - Sofia.


    More information and photos on address



            For 2 days (November 19th - 20th 2005) Stara Zagora was the centre of ITF Taekwon-Do in Bulgaria. In the hall of TKD Club “Bagatur” was held a national seminar for Taekwon-Do ITF under the direction of the Technical Director of Bulgarian Federation of Traditional Taekwon-Do - Sabum Nikolay Bakardzhiev - 4 dan. In the program were included explaining and working off base technique, kicks, all forms from “Saju Jirugi” to “Ge Baek” tull and also breaking technique and falling technique.



            On October 20th 2005 TKD Club “Bagatur” performed a demonstration at the invitation of the Municipality of Stara Zagora. It was part of the activities for “October 20th - day for fighting against osteoporosis”. A heap of broken roof-tiles and amazed viewers were the only thing left after the spectacle show of the club from Stara Zagora.




            In the period August 7th - 16th 2005 in Kavatsi was held a Taekwon-Do ITF training camp. In it participated people from Stara Zagora, Varna, Burgas and Sofia. The program of the trainings included exercises for flexibility, stamina, tempering, explosive power, physical preparation as well as base technique and Ho Sin Sul. The trainings were on the beach combining the pleasant with the healthy and were directed by Sabum Nikolay Bakardzhiev - IV dan (Technical Director in BFTT and chief instructor in TKD Club “Bagatur” Stara Zagora), Sabum Alek Milanov - V dan (instructor from Miami, Florida, the USA), Sabum Rosen Nikolov - V dan, Bu Sabum Todor Todorov - III dan (chief instructor in TKD Club “Varna”).

            Photo here...



            On July 2nd - 3rd 2005 in the hall of TKD Club “Bagatur” was held an exam for increasing in degree. In it took part 25 students for colour belts and 5 for black belts. The examination held under the program of Sabum Nikolai Bakardzhiev and included all components of Taekwon-Do - theory and terminology, base technique, tull, techniques with legs, matsugi, ho sin sul, viriok and physical preparation. 5 students from TKD Club “Bagatur” passed successfully the exam for black belts - Neli Todorova, Ivailo Bakardzhiev, Boyan Hristov, Plamen Vlaichev and Krasimir Vlaichev.





            The German town Wetzlar was a host of the open championship of Germany in Taekwon-Do ITF. In it participated competitors from Holland, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Ireland, Alger, England, the USA, Switzerland and Germany. This was a general rehearsal for the organizers who will be hosts of the European Championship - June 30th - July 2nd 2006. Bulgaria was presented by Sabum Nikolay Bakardzhiev and Todor Todorov who took part in an assembly of the federations from Europe. On it were discussed the changes in the umpire rules and matters concerning organization. Official guests in Germany were Mr. Michael Tibolo - Vice-President of ITF, Master Trevor Nikolas - General-Secretary of ITF, Master Nestor Galaraga - in charge of competitions and judges in ITF, etc.






            On June 4th 2005 in the sports hall of Humanitarian High school “Konstantin Preslavski” was held National Children-teenager tournament in Taekwon-Do. The tournament was patronized by Municipality Varna and was held under the rules of the International Taekwon-Do Federation ITF divided into tull and fight - individually and team. In it took part 60 competitors from 7 clubs from Sofia, Bourgas, Stara Zagora and Varna. In the general positioning TKD Club “Bagatur” Stara Zagora is 1st followed by TKD Club “Varna” and TKD Club “Hector” Burgas. On the occasion of 10 years since TKD Club “Varna” has been established and 15 years since it was found, the organizers performed a demonstration.





            During the last week (24.04 - 1.05. 2005) guests from India, representatives of Global Taekwon-Do Association of India, were on an official visit in TKD Club “Bagatur”. They closely examined the conditions and methodology of leading trainings and were interested in co-organizing together with the team a training camp in the sports base of TKD Club “Bagatur”



            N. Bakardzhiev came back from Atlantic City, USA where he took part in a seminar for international instructors and in the celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary “50 years Taekwon-Do”! The invitation for this trip was sent personally from Master Choi Jung Hwa - President of ITF. In it took part over 200 instructors from over 12 countries. The seminar was directed by Master Choi Jung Hwa and his assistant Sabum Palm Rey and in the program were included base technique, kicks, all forms up to Tong-Il, self-defense, exercises for physical preparation, theoretical explanation, breaking, etc.

            The seminar ended with a celebration of the anniversary date - April 11th 1955 - April 11th 2005 - “50 years Taekwon-Do”. In a moving speech Master Choi described the way of development of Taekwon-Do since its establishment by his father Gen. Choi Hong Hi, through its bringing in the Korean army until nowadays. Taekwon-Do - worldwide spread martial art, practiced in more than 110 countries by over 30 million people! During the celebration it was announced the increase in degree of three masters: Sahota, Hogan and Geil. Also officially was announced the conferring of 9th dan to Master Choi Jung Hwa - President of ITF and son of the legendary creator - Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

            During the personal meeting between N. Bakardzhiev and the President of ITF, Master Choi expressed his unreserved support for the development of Taekwon-Do in Bulgaria.

    More comments read here…



            On March 12th 2005 in town Bachka Topola was held the 9th tournament for the cup of Serbia and Montenegro. It was held under the rules of the International Taekwon-Do Federation ITF divided into tul and fight - individually. In it took part over 200 people from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria. From Bulgaria participated 7 clubs - “Odin-Optics”, “Kaloyan-Ladimex”, “Varna”, “ABC”, “Folkan”, “Djong-Tong”, “Bagatur”. Our club took part with three competitors. Here is their positioning:

    Dobromir Hristov - 1st place - tull teenagers;

    Georgi Petkov - 3rd place fight children up to 45kg;

                                  3rd place children up to 50 kg;

    Ivailo Bakardzhiev - 2nd place fight teenagers up to 58kg;

                                 3rd place fight teenagers up to 63kg;

    The whole positioning here!



    On March 5th 2005 in the presence of relatives and friends students from TKD Club “Bagatur” sat an exam for increasing in degree. The exam was held according the program of ITF and the examining Sabum Nikolay Bakardzhiev.



            On January 29th and 30th 2005 in Burgas was held a seminar in Taekwon-Do ITF directed by Sabumnim Nikolay Bakardzhiev - IV dan. Host and organizer was the local Taekwon-Do Club “Bourgas” with instructor Jelyazko Bodurov - I dan. In the activity took part 30 people. The program included base technique, tul, kicks, fight technique, etc. Sabumnim Bakardzhiev also explained the examination program for colour belts.



                The representative team of Taekwon-Do club “Bagatur” returned triumphantly a few days ago from Grenoble, France. There it participated in the international Taekwon-Do tournament for the European Cup of France.

                This competition has been held three times so far, two of which are with international participation. After the last year’s competition, at which club “Bagatur” defeated completely his opponents from 6 countries, the team is this year again on first place! Overtaking its opponents from France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Taekwon-Do club “Bagatur” won for a second time in a row the Alpine Cup of France. Among the members of the team were people from Varna, Burgas and Kozlodui. Thus Bulgaria was represented by 27 contestants. The competition was conducted on 5 December and was preceded by a seminar with the Vice-world champion for 2003 Martin Kounchev - IV dan.

                Here is the final position:


















    The Netherlands









    Full position here…



                On 5.06.2004 was held the traditional Taekwon-Do Championship of Serbia and Montenegro for all ages. In it teams from 6 countries took part: Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of Serbia and Bulgaria. The team of Taekwon-Do club "Bagatur" consisted of nine contestants: Iveta Peicheva, Svetlana Kostova, Toni Yovchev, Georgi Petkov, Anton Madjarov, Boyan Hristov, Ivailo Bakardzhiev, Krasimir Vlaichev and Plamen Vlaichev. The competition was a real battle between the 9-membered team from "Bagatur" and the 71-membered team from Serbia and Montenegro. In this scalene competition winners were the hosts with 13 gold, 19 silver and 32 bronze medals. Second were the competitors from "Bagatur" with 7 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze medals and third with only one gold medal less than the Bulgarians were the representatives of R. Serbia.

    A report from the event read here…



                In the period 21/23. 05.2004 Brussels (Belgium) hosted a course for international instructors organized by the Belgium federation. The seminar was led by Choi Jung Hwa Master 8th degree, a son of Gen. Choi Hong Hi and President of ITF in headquarters Ontario /Canada/. In it took part more than 150 people from all over Europe. The best aspect of it, of course in our humble opinion, was that it was opened to all volunteers to participate in it! There were representatives of his federation, as well as representatives from the federation of Chang Ung and Master Tren Tru Kwan. The program included base techniques, tull, and self-defense and fight technique. Master Choi was extremely careful to any matter and gave the participants thorough answers making as clear as possible every movement and hit. On the seminar he introduced his extraordinary interesting conception for determining maximum power and speed in every technique. In the forum two Bulgarians took part too - Nikolay Bakardzhiev /a chief instructor of Taekwon-Do club "Bagatur"/ and the chief engineer of the French federation Martin Kounchev. They made a great impression to Master Choi Jung Hwa with their precise technique and not once they mentioned that they are students of Kim Ung Chol. The proof for this is the fact that many times they demonstrated different techniques and tyll highly marked by the Master.



                Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung left the board of the directors of ITF and gave his resignation on the post General Secretary of ITF. The reason for his decision was his disagreement with the policy of the President of ITF Mr. Chang Ung. The same was asked to give his resignation because he was accused of taking bribes from the presently ex-president of WTF Dr.Un Yong Kim. In reply to Grand Master Huang who wanted the resignation of the President, the board of the directors gave the sack to Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung on its conference. For all those who do not know Grand Master Huang Kwang Sung we’ll say that he and Grand Master Ree Ki Ha were the closest people to the founder of  Taekwon-Do gen. Choi Hong Hi!

    More information you can read here



                With great success ended Bulgarian participation in the open championship of France - ITF Alps Cup. In it teams from 8 countries took part. The only representative from Bulgaria was TKD Club "Bagatur". All 15 contestants showed all they know and in an extremely hard competition they succeeded winning the cup of France. Second with only a golden medal less was the team from Belgium. As a reward for the efforts his competitors made, the Main Instructor of the club Nikolay Bakardzhiev - IV degree organized an original excursion for the team visiting the most popular tourist destinations - Venice, Milan, Paris, Munich, Belgrade. After a successful presentation and 10-day tour the team of TKD Club "Bagatur" came back home fulfilled with pleasant emotions and impressions! Great interest raised also the seminar of Master Kim Ung Chol VIII degree before the competition. From it the competitors learned many new things and enriched their previous knowledge. Master Kim was the chief referee of the event.

    Now here are the heroes from TKD Club "Bagatur":

    1. Velika Gineva - 1st place tull Junior Female 8-6 gup; 1st place sparring Junior Female up to 50;

    2. Neli Todorova - 2nd place tull Junior Female 4-2 gup; 2nd place sparring Junior Female 50+;

    3. Svetlana Kostova - 1st place sparring Junior Female 50+;

    4. Evgenia Jordanova - 3rd place tull Female I-IV degree; 3rd place sparring Female 58;

    5. Margarita Serafimova - 1st place tull Female 8-6 gup; 1st place sparring Female 58+;

    6. Tihomir Petkov - 3rd place tull Junior Male 8-6 gup; 1st place sparring Junior Male up to 58;

    7. Boyan Hristov - 1st place tull Junior Male 4-2 gup; 3rd place sparring Male up to 65;

    8. Iskren Iskrev - 3rd place tull Junior Male 4-2 gup; 3rd place sparring Male up to 75;

    9. Plamen Vlaichev - 1st place sparring Male up to 75;

    10. Krasimir Vlaichev - 2nd place sparring Male up to 75;

    11. Alexander Slavchev - 2nd place sparing Male I-IV degree up to 71;

    12. Plamen Petkov - 3rd place tull Male up to III degree; 1st place sparring Male I-IV degree 80+;

    13. Atanas Kolev

    14. Kolyo Kolev

    15. Ivailo Bakardzhiev

    Complex medal positions


    Gold Silver Bronze

    "Bagatur" Bulgaria

    9 4 7



    4 8



    6 16



    5 2



    5 13



    2 2



    - 1

    Republic Korea


    - -

    You can find here more…




                On the occasion of October 5 - day of Stara Zagora Taekwon-Do Club "Bagatur" made a demonstration in the central square of the city. Guests of the event were the President of R.Bulgaria - G. Parvanov, the District Governor M. Neykova, the Mayor of Stara Zagora - d-r E. Zhelev as well as other public personalities from the field of politics, business and culture. The presentation of TKD Club "Bagatur" evoked a storm of applause both from the spectators and the official guests.




                At 20.35 on 15.06.2002 in Pyong Yang - KNDR died the father of Taekwon-Do! World lost one worthy man. Taekwon- Do said goodbye to its father. Thank you for leaving us this heritage - Taekwon-Do!

    Let us honor your memory and deeds!


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