Taekwon-Do is an art that implies a way of thinking and life, and particularly in instilling moral civilization and generating the power for justice. Taekwon-Do is also known as one of the best means of developing and enhancing the emotional, perceptual and psychological characteristics that enable the younger generation, regardless of age, social status or sex, to effectively learn and participate in the social demands of his peers.

            Every movement of Taekwon-Do is scientifically designed with specific purpose and a skillful instructor may, therefore, develop in the student a belief that success is possible for anyone.

            Constant repetition teaches patience and the resolve to overcome any difficulty. The tremendous power generated from one's body develops the self-confidence to meet any opponent, at any place, and in any situation. Sparring teaches humility, courage, alertness and accuracy, adaptability as well as self-control.

            Pattern teaches flexibility, grace, balance and coordination, while the fundamental exercises develop precision and teaches the method, principle, imagination and purpose. Eventually, this training permeates every conscious and subconscious action of the student.

  • Definition of Taekwon-Do

  • Composition of Taekwon-Do     /Taekwon–Do Goosung/

  • Tenets of Taekwon-Do    /Taekwon-Do Jungshin/

  • Song of Taekwon-Do    /Taekwon-Do Norae/

  • Student Oath

  • Philosophy of Taekwon-Do    /Taekwon-Do Chul hak/

  • Conduct in the DO  JANG

  • Training Secrets of Taekwon-Do

  • Theory of Power    /Him Ui Wolli/

  • Sparring    /Matsogi/

  • Stance    /Sogi/

  • Pattern    /Tull/

  • 3-step Sparring    /Sambo Matsugi/

  • 2-step Sparring    /Ibo Matsugi/

  • 1-step Sparring    /Ilbo Matsugi/

  • Self - Defence    /Hosin Sool/

  • Moral Culture    /Jungshin Sooyang/

  • Student / Instructor Relationship    /Sajeji Do/

  • Ideal Instructor

  • Practice suit    /Do Bok/

  • System of Rank

  • Significance of Belt Colours

  • Grading

  • Demonstration    /Sibum/

  • Vocabulary

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